2017 Fixtures

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Series: February Freezer

DateEventStart time(s)Venue
Sun Feb 05February Freezer 1&2Sign-up10.30Saddlebow
Sun Feb 12February Freezer 3&4Sign-up10.30Saddlebow
Sun Feb 19February Freezer 5&6Sign-up10.30Saddlebow
Sun Feb 26February Freezer 7&8Sign-up10.30Saddlebow

Series: Spring

DateEventStart time(s)Venue
Sun Mar 05Spring 1&210.30Saddlebow
Sun Mar 12Spring 3&410.30Saddlebow
Sun Mar 19Spring 5&610.30Saddlebow
Sun Mar 26Spring 7&810.30Saddlebow
Sun Apr 02Spring 9&1010.30Saddlebow
Sun Apr 09Spring 11&1210.30Saddlebow

Series: Late Spring Sprint

DateEventStart time(s)Venue
Sun Apr 23Late Spring Sprint 1&210.30Saddlebow
Sun Apr 30Late Spring Sprint 3&410.30Saddlebow

Series: Evening North

DateEventStart time(s)Venue
Wed May 03Evening North 1&218.45Saddlebow
Wed May 10Evening North 3&418.45Saddlebow
Wed May 17Evening North 5&618.45Saddlebow
Wed May 24Evening North 7&818.45Saddlebow
Wed May 31Evening North 9&1018.45Saddlebow
Wed Jun 07Evening North 11&1218.45Saddlebow

Series: Early Summer

DateEventStart time(s)Venue
Sun May 14Early Summer 1&210.30Saddlebow
Sun May 21Early Summer 3&410.30Saddlebow
Sun May 28Early Summer 5&610.30Saddlebow

Series: Afternoon Pursuit

DateEventStart time(s)Venue
Sun Jun 04Afternoon Pursuit 113.30Saddlebow
Sun Jul 02Afternoon Pursuit 213.30Saddlebow

Series: Summer

DateEventStart time(s)Venue
Sun Jun 04Summer 1&210.30Saddlebow
Sun Jun 11Summer 3&410.30Saddlebow
Sun Jun 18Summer 5&610.30Saddlebow
Sun Jun 25Summer 7&810.30Saddlebow
Sun Jul 09Dudley Keys Memorial Trophy & Family Day10.30Saddlebow
Sun Jul 16Summer 11&1210.30Saddlebow
Sun Jul 23Summer 13&1410.30Saddlebow
Sun Jul 30Summer 15&1610.30Saddlebow

Series: Evening South

DateEventStart time(s)Venue
Wed Jun 14Evening South 1&218.45Saddlebow
Wed Jun 21Evening South 3&418.45Saddlebow
Wed Jun 28Evening South 5&618.45Saddlebow
Wed Jul 05Evening South 7&818.45Saddlebow
Wed Jul 12Evening South 9&1018.45Saddlebow
Wed Jul 19Evening South 11&1218.45Saddlebow
Wed Jul 26Evening Pursuit Race 18.45Saddlebow

Series: x (not a series!)

DateEventStart time(s)Venue
Wed Aug 02Ad Hoc Racing18.45Saddlebow

Series: August Sprint

DateEventStart time(s)Venue
Sun Aug 20August Sprint 1&210.30Saddlebow
Sun Aug 27August Sprint 3&410.30Saddlebow

Series: Autumn

DateEventStart time(s)Venue
Sun Sep 03Autumn 1&210.30Saddlebow
Sun Sep 10Autumn 3&410.30Saddlebow
Sun Sep 17King's Plate10.30Saddlebow
Sun Sep 24Autumn 5&610.30Saddlebow

Series: Winter

DateEventStart time(s)Venue
Sun Oct 08Winter 1&210.30Saddlebow
Sun Oct 15Winter 3&410.30Saddlebow
Sun Oct 29Winter 5&610.30Saddlebow
Sun Nov 05Winter 7&810.30Saddlebow
Sun Nov 12Winter 9&1010.30Saddlebow
Sun Nov 19Winter 11&1210.30Saddlebow
Sun Nov 26Winter 13&1410.30Saddlebow
Sun Dec 03Winter 15&1610.30Saddlebow
Sun Dec 10Winter 17&1810.30Saddlebow
Sun Dec 17Winter 19&2010.30Saddlebow

Open Events

DateEventStart time(s)Venue
Sun May 07Granta and Cam Cup11.00Saddlebow
Sun May 14Push The Boat Out13.00Saddlebow
Sun Jul 02Summer 9&1011.00Saddlebow
Sat Aug 05NWNSA Hunstanton15.00www.hunstantonsc.co.uk/
Sun Aug 06NWNSA Hunstanton16.00www.hunstantonsc.co.uk/
Mon Aug 07NWNSA OASC18.00www.oasc.co.uk
Sat Aug 12NWNSA Snettisham 9.00www.snetbeach.co.uk/
Sun Aug 13Ken Gray & Lionel Wilkinson?9.30www.hunstantonsc.co.uk/
Sun Oct 01Edgar Bain/Wash Rivers 11.00Saddlebow
Sun Oct 22Trafalgar Race10.30Saddlebow
Tue Dec 26Hall Cup10.30Saddlebow


DateEventStart time(s)Venue
Sun Feb 26Annual Prizegiving19.30
Sun Apr 16Easter (no sailing)
Sat Feb 24Annual Prizegiving20.00Saddlebow
Colour key:open meetingall membersnon-sailing

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