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In 2013 races are scored with standard Portsmouth Yardstick numbers and with Personal Handicaps, which are PY numbers adjusted for performance. If you want to know how your personal handicap is derived, contact Mike Potter. For some reason (again, ask Mike), the standard and personal handicap series don't necessarily match as regards series length.

Table of personal handicaps

Standard PY NumbersPersonal Handicap
Spring Series (standard PY)Spring Series (personal)
Late Spring (standard PY)
Summer (standard PY)Summer Series (personal)
Evening North (standard PY)Evening North (personal)
King's Plate River Race
Mid Summer (standard PY)
Evening South (standard PY)
August Sprint (standard PY)
Autumn Series (standard PY)
Trafalgar Races (standard PY)
Winter Series (standard PY)Winter Series (Personal Handicaps)
Hall Cup (Boxing Day)